Bear Hug

Synapses firing.

Neurotransmitters accelerating.

Dopamine. Norepinephrine.

Serotonin. Oxytocin.

I know a gentleman.

He likes me.

I gained 20lbs.

He still likes me.

And even when I don’t trust any man

In this entire universe.

He is there.

Just standing there.

Ready and willing to embrace my entire being.



The way that I was raised
Was to value and aspire to the male doctrine
….the male set of rules.
Take notes
Write this down:
The minute you show interest
That’s the minute I become disinterested
Ignore the people you love, right?
That’s how real men do it, you feel me?
It is more favored and acceptable to be a man in this world
I know
and Me
It’s been this way
For thousands of generations…..
And generations…..
And more
So throw away your femininity
Hate it
It’s such a waste
Be macho
Don’t be emotionally in tune
Sleep with women
Yes! In high numbers
Take your male birthright
It’s your inheritence
Your sex organs earned it
Drink tall glasses of beer
or take shots of hard liquor
Keep that high paying job
And when she doesn’t paid the same
It’s fine
You’ll “take care” of her too but
Women, for you:
There’s a different set of rules you must follow
Full of
And do
Let a man be smarter than you
So he can keep his ego and self-pride
Why… else will you find the man of your dreams?
He will love you forever
He’s your man
He’ll take care of you
But don’t ask him for money
You gold digging thot
Don’t be a slut — the object of someone’s lust
Did you already forget?
He’s made all your dreams come true
So Woman, you must
Only fall in love with one person:
That’s him, your perfect love
He’s your other half!
He completes you!
He fixed your broken heart!
While he has many, many more women on the side
Doppelgangers of you, so
Don’t fall for his good looks
Only for his heart and personality and
Once you have fallen
Dedicate your life to making his dreams a reality….
What are your small dreams compared to his silver spoon?

Breakfast on Black Friday

Since you only gave me leftovers

I chose to be with someone else

Your leftover kisses were remnants of how you felt

With another person that you truly loved

Another person who scorned you

You’ve been through so many women that

You’ve completely lost count… could you not remember?

Unable to recognize the good from the bad

The awful from the awesome

The tragedy from the miracle

The authentic from the knockoffs

You don’t know anything

Kissing you was like having breakfast on Black Friday

Consuming leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast of past romances

Mountains and mountains of  ham and eggs sandwiches

And turkey cheese melts

Topped with several glasses of bloody marys

For Lovers and Failures (circa 2011)

For those I’m attracted to…they fail me.

For those who are in the friend zone…I take their love for granted. Please forgive me.

For those that fail me, since I know that love is not just a feeling, but simply: a choice.

I choose to love them anyway. I love them for what I think they are.

Yet I find myself always asking: do I love them because they failed me

or do they fail me because I loved them?