Day 5 of March Workout Plan: Cleo’s RLNA (Saturday Workout)

I did this workout on Saturday Morning and I’m finally writing about it today (Monday). Saturday is my rest day for running so today I only did Cleo’s RLNA DVD. For Cleo’s RLNA Beginner workout plan, Saturdays include Ch1, 2, 5, 8 and 9 which I did. Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. I’ve realized that the most challenging chapter for me is Ch. 2. I can’t wait to get better with it, but right now, I can’t make it through the entire sequence without taking a break. What I will do now is make smaller goals for myself. For example, for the start of Chapter 2, I must make it through 30 seconds, without taking a break. The next time I do chapter 2, I will make it an entire 1 minutes without taking a break etc. Ch. 5 is the least challenging for me so I will be doing Chapter 5 in heels next week, which is exciting!!! 😀

For Chapters 8 and 9, I realized something new! The huge benefit about using a DVD, especially for stretching exercises, is that if I really enjoy a stretch or feel the need for me to train my weak side longer than my other, I can PAUSE THE DVD!!!!! which is wonderful. I can’t do that at any pole/dance studio. At pole studios you essentially have to go with the flow of the class and they try to stretch the right and left sides evenly. The problem with that is that everyone’s body is different especially when it comes to flexibility and stretching. Some people have a flexible left split but a tight right split, so they MUST stretch their left side twice as much.** Some people experience intense lower back pain because their hip flexors are too tight which means they have to stretch out their hip flexors more than their classmate next to them. Some people have very flexible hip flexors so they don’t need to stretch it as much.

photo (4)

Here’s a photo of me practicing to get my middle spit along the wall. Small beginnings. Hopefully I can get my middle split in 3 months or so. Practice makes perfect! I won’t push my body too far though….it’s not worth the potential injury 😉

On Saturday, while I was working on my middle splits, it felt reaaaaaaaaaally good. So I paused the DVD, stayed in my straddle pose and while I was straddled, I went on my phone, checked my Facebook, texted some friends….and before I knew it 30 minutes went by fast! I’m looking forward to continuing Cleo’s RLNA DVD. I will write another post later this evening to let you know how my evening workout goes.

**On Sunday, I attended a Fit and Bendy Google HangOut with Kristen of Fit and Bendy. She’s awesome and smart! 😀 I purchased her DVDs online and I may be substituting her workout DVDs for running the morning. I haven’t decided completely, but as soon as I figure it out, I will give you an update.


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