Day 4 of March Workout Plan: Cleo’s RLNA

It snowed 7 inches today so unfortunately I wasn’t able to run outside or at the gym this morning because I ended up telecommuting. The next time I will be able to run is Monday morning….which is good because I think my body needs the rest. I think the first week is usually the toughest to get through.

In the evening, I did Cleo’s RLNA Chapters 1, 2, 4, 8, and 9. This workout was my favorite because these are the chapters that are the most difficult for me so far. My hipflexors were still sore from Monday so I still had to breaks in between. For the most part, I was happy. I was able to do more reps than I did in the previous days. I can’t wait for the day that I will be able to do the entire workout with no break! 😀 I think I will do Chapters 8 and 9 more frequently….possible twice a day on some days….we’ll see! I really would like to get more flexible again.

Tomorrow is my rest day for both running and Cleo’s RLNA. 🙂 I’ll be writing again on Saturday. See you then!


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