Day 2 of March Workout Plan: 2.0 Run + Cleo’s RLNA

It’s Day 2 of Reconditioning and I’m sad to say that I’m pumped!!!!……but not pumped lol? Meaning, I’m excited to be in a consistent work out regimen, but for me getting started/waking up is always the hardest part. I want to briefly re-summarize my goals for my March Workout Plan:

1) Maximize my body: Which means condition my muscles to lift my bodyweight effortlessly… so that I can do more advanced pole tricks

2) Become more flexible: So I can do more pole tricks

3) Build up stamina/ improve my breathing: So I can do more pole tricks

Above all else, I want to take to time to actually listen to my body. I want to hear when my body feels good about something. I want to listen when my body absolutely hates something I do.

Three years ago, when I was in a normal pole workout routine, I NEVER listened to my body. It was always PUSH PUSH PUSH, GO GO GO! Now, I know better and I want to approach my workouts in a more holistic/ healthy way. I want to know that my body is changing/ getting healthier without forcing it to. I know that there is a way. This is specifically why I did not include BMI, Body Fat Percentage, height and weights. I think that’s all bullshit.

Once your body becomes more conditioned, your body will know (and even your body is conditioned, it does not automatically mean that your body is healthy…’s a delicate balance.) For this March Workout Plan, I will just have weekly pictures as my check up. Once my body becomes conditioned, it will know and it will show. There is no need to hop on a scale. I want to keep my curves (which I will lol) and I also want to condition my muscles to do more acrobatic pole. I’m allowing my body to become conditioned and how my body looks at the end will not be up to me. Let the chips fall where they may. 🙂

photo (1)

7:00AM – 2.0 Mile Run on the Treadmill; 1.0 incline; Duration: 28 minutes

This morning when I got up, I decided to start my run a bit later because I knew that tiredness was one of the problems I had yesterday with running. I started my run off slowly. I alternated between walking and running a 10 minute pace, then holding that pace for .10 miles each time.

I noticed that the main issue for me wasn’t that I was losing my breath. My breathing was pretty normal actually. It’s that my legs get tired….specifically my left leg. The problem for me is that I’m sensitive to the the tightness and minor pain I feel in my left calf. These pain signals tell my brain to stop. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t listen.

The last .15 miles of the run, I ran at a 7:30 minute pace which was very fast, but surprisingly not fast enough for all the energy that I had left. I realized that yes, I am naturally a sprinter so doing slow jogs are painstaking for me at this point until I condition myself/ my muscles that running for 20-30 minutes straight is okay and that I won’t die 😉 I also noticed that my waist trimmer helps me keep good posture while I am running, which is good! But it also makes my back feel tired.

At the end of the run, there was no tingling in my legs like there was yesterday. I did however collapse to the ground just like I did yesterday. The only difference is that yesterday before I collapsed, I had to rip off my plastic wrap/waist trimmer because I felt like I was so out of breath. This time, I could lay down on the ground without feeling the need to take off my waist trimmer.

While I was laying down on the ground, I did feel minor back pain from (1) the waist trimmer belt keeping my posture and (2) from my shortened hip flexors that causes me minor back pain. To be honest, I don’t feel the back pain until I’m laying down with my back to the ground. That’s when I feel my lower back pain.

Running this morning did give me a jolt of energy that I did not get yesterday. However, I’m still a bit tired this morning. For tomorrow’s run, I will focus on not collapsing to the ground after my .15 sprint at 7:30 minute pace. I will also try to squeeze in 5 complete .1 runs at 10:00 pace. I’m looking forward to it.

6:00PM – Cleo’s RLNA – Chapter’s 1 (Warm Up), 3 (Abs), 5 (Kick Ass Quads) and 9 (Flexibility – Front Splits)

It’s Day 2 of RLNA and like most DVDs getting started in my room was the hardest part….but literally 30 seconds into the Warm Up I was waaaaaaaay into it. It’s gotta be the rock music… I LOVE IT!!! 😀 Today, I played it smart and did the warm up without heels and it was a much better workout in that I was able to do most of it. Once I get more advanced, I may switch to heels again, but for now, I’ll be barefoot 😉 Once Chapter 3 started, I did put my heels back on again….and the workout was suuuuuuuper hard with heels on. My inner thighs were still sore from yesterday’s workout so a lot of the leg straddle exercises, I wasn’t able to do. Once I went looking for Chapter 5, I discovered something very surprising. It turns out that yesterday I did Chapters 1-5 unknowingly. I have VLC player on my laptop so that probably where I screwed up a bit. Anywho, what I thought was the end of Chapter 3 is actually the end of Chapter 5…..go figure, right? To me, Chapters 3,4, and 5 blend together very smoothly…which is good!

So I went to Chapter 9 to close out my workout with front splits. That was very good for me because I haven’t practiced lunges/ splits in a LONG time. My hip flexors are super tight and I lost my front splits completely. I was sad but not surprised. I’ve taken a lot of time off cuddling with my boyfriend (I LOVE YOU BOO BEAR!! ❤ ❤ <3) and watching Netflix. 😀 And since I work in IT, the majority of what I do is sitting at my desk typing (no standing desks allowed). After finishing Chapter 9, I do believe that sitting at desks for almost 8 hours a day should be illegal. I lost most of my flexibility, if not all of the flexibility I had before….but I can’t wait to get it back again!


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