Day 1 of March Workout Plan: 2 Mile Run + Cleo RLNA

This month, I will be doing a beginner’s workout plan to help me ease back into my pole fitness regimen. Each day, I will journal my experience with each of my exercises. I will give you my honest opinion about each exercise and give tips and suggestions where I think is appropriate.

Each Monday, I will take a photo of myself (front and side) no sucking in. By Monday, March 23rd, I will take my final photo after the three weeks are over. (The week of the 22nd, I’ll be flying out to Chicago for me sister’s wedding.) The goal of my March workout plan is to (1) maximize my body, (2) become more flexible, and (3) build up more stamina so that I can pole dance better. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at So here we go…Day 1. 🙂

6:45AM – 2 Mile Run on the Treadmill; 1.0 Incline; Duration: 31 minutes

In the morning, I prepped for my runs by using Abalone, plastic wrap, and a waist trimmer around my waist. For the first 5 minutes, I ran a 10 minute mile pace. Then I started to feel sleepy. (Maybe because it was early for me….and maybe because it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve run on the treadmill.) I walked at a 12:00-13:00 minute pace until 1.5 miles. I did a light jog, then walked again, then with .2 miles remaining, I sprinted at 7:30 minute mile pace until I got to 2 miles. Once I reached the 2 mile mark, I stopped on the treadmill and collapsed on the ground (not good for you by the way.) I was sucking air and laid down on the ground with my back to the floor. I felt nausea and side stitches. My legs were tingling and itching at the same time. My lower back hurt. My right knee had a small amount of pain. Worst of all, I had nostalgia. I missed my friend, Chandula, and I was wished that she was there to kick my ass and tell me to run more. Unfortunately, since I didn’t run enough, I missed my high and I didn’t get my burst of energy for the morning. I ended up feeling a bit sleepy for most of the morning.

photo 1 photo 3

6:00PM – Cleo’s RLNA – Chapter’s 1 (Warm Up), 2 (Legs), 3 (Abs), and 8 (Flexibility)

That DVD was hard! Especially when you don’t know what to expect. Since it is a DVD that doesn’t require a pole, I decided that I should wear heels during the workout. Not a very good choice. Cleo kicked my ass!

During the Warm Up, I was wearing heels (which I don’t recommend on the first try) and mostly focused on balance/stabilization when I really should not have been. The Warm Up is very difficult in heels.

The Legs workout is also a bit tricky in heels too! Again, I would recommend heel once you’re more familiar with the workout routine but not at the first try. This section was the most difficult for me because my legs were so deconditioned from not poling for 2 years. My legs were on fire!! I could do about 30% of this section, but even though my body hurt, I did my very best and I’m looking forward to future workout where I’ll be able to do this entire section without stopping!

It was during Abs workout that I finally decided to take off my heels, which made the workout routine more manageable. Surprisingly, this portion could have been done in heels. I will try it in heels next time!

The Flexibility section was also difficult but fun. Pushing my legs into the ground (PNF) was a technique that I knew about, but I never tried it this was before. It pushed my boundaries which was good. I also realized that I had lost so much flexibility in my legs because of the desk job that I have. I can’t wait to get more flexible soon!

Overall, that DVD was a lot of fun! 😀 I did not realize how much the sedentary lifestyle at my office job had affected my body. My hip flexors and hamstrings are super tight and my lower back aches….that spinal twist in Ch.2 really did the trick! I can’t wait until tomorrow to do more RLNA.


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