Parallel Universe

Put on your space helmets (or motorcycle helmets….whatever you can find first!) and travel with me to a parallel universe. Where gaining weight or losing weight was not a negative or positive event. It was just an event.

Where being fat wasn’t a bad thing and being thin wasn’t necessarily a good thing.  A universe where there aren’t any negative cognitions based on the amount of adipose tissue being held inside your body.

If your body was skinny, it wasn’t because you worked out 12 hours a day and don’t like the taste of food…..or where people didn’t assume that the reason you were big was because you were negligent or lazy or lacked self-control which most people infer is a reflection of your bad character and daily food choices.

Where the amount of adipose tissue in your body did not affect your chances of getting married or finding a life partner and didn’t determine who your closest friends are. In this universe, whether you are fat or skinny, you are just who you are.

In this world, gaining weight was simply this: your body’s purposefully designed safety mechanism – it’s your body’s own food shelter bunker in case there was a famine tomorrow. Even though in America, a famine isn’t something that will likely happen, storing fat cells in your body is something that your body does to meet a rational and objective need.

Your body wants to protect you. Like the diving reflex or the fight/flight response, your body is looking out for you because your body, for the most part, is much smarter than you. And simply that. No social stigmas attached.

What if your main purpose for running outside every morning was to decrease your chances of getting liver cancer by 50%? What if you were apart of a society where weight loss or weight gain is the impartial byproduct and not the main objective?

Where if you don’t fit into your favorite jeans, you wouldn’t feel like you’re a failure or that you would be ashamed. You just get a new pair because getting a size down or up is not a bad or good thing….it’s just something that happened. What if we looked at people and did not assume certain things about them? How different would our lives be?



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