iLuv Curvy Girls

When I told one of my colleagues that I was writing a blog about plus sized women, the first thing he said  was this:

Honestly, Alex, I’m really attracted to women who are curvy and athletic! I’m not attracted to girls who are skinny at all. It looks weird to me. 

My two immediate thoughts were:

I really don’t care who you are attracted to. Wait….why are you telling me this? 


You are probably saying this because I’m a curvy, athletic, woman standing right in front of you.

The truth is this: it’s so brainwashed into our minds that a women’s sole purpose in life is to be the object of a man’s affection; that her primary life goal is to find a husband, have children with him, cook, clean, and to help raise a family with him. We are that beautiful person that he has searched his whole life to find, right?

It’s brainwashed in our minds so much that my friend could not see the distinction between writing a blog about curvy women versus how much he finds curvy women attractive. He thought it was the same thing. These are two separate events: how a woman feels about herself and how a man is attracted to her. The fact that most people lump these two ideas together OR assume the later is a reflection of how we view women’s life purpose in our culture.


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