Pole Star on the Rise: Stef Lim

This week, I had a FANTASTIC Q&A session with the wonderful Stef Lim who is competing at Pole Sport Organization (Boston) this year on November 2nd and CPFC (Canadian National) on November 14th. She had a few pieces of advice to share with her beloved pole community:

stef                lim

Q: Where did you take your first pole dance class? What were your first impressions of pole dance?

A: I took my first pole class in Melbourne Australia. I took it a bit skeptically at first, unsure what to expect. However, the moment I did my first spin and climb, I was hooked and never stopped!

Q: How did you first hear about pole fitness/ pole dance for fitness?

A: My friend Rebecca had done it for a year and she was the one who convinced me to try my first class. I have to thank her so much for convincing me because it’s one of the best decisions of my life!

Q: When did you start telling your friends and family that you pole dance competitively?

A: My family and friends had known the moment I had tried pole dancing for the first time. In terms of competition, they knew I wanted to compete, and the moment I got my first acceptance in a competition (Ontario Pole Fitness Championships), they knew that this was something I didn’t just want to do. I HAD to do! I love competing!

Q: Where has been the furthest that you’ve traveled to take a pole dance class?

A: It’s funny, because I am Canadian, who went to school in Australia, so I started in Australia, but now live in the States and pole here too. So really, I am somewhat of a traveling poler I have trained in Australia, Canada, Rochester NY, and I will be going to see Heidi Coker soon in Georgia!

Q: What has been the best part about your pole fitness journey?

A: That’s like asking me what’s the best part of chocolate… Everything!! Essentially, I can break it down to a few things:

The way it makes me feel. I have never felt so confident in myself before! The reason for my confidence boost is that I feel good about how I feel (I am so much healthier for this sport), how I look (six pack? really? me? never thought possible!) and the pole community (endless support!) Plus, it’s a really fun ice breaker, and my friends and family are so supportive. That’s been the best surprise. The support is amazing!

Q: What other fitness classes do you take to cross train for pole fitness competitions?

A: When I was in school and started pole dancing, I use to train for competitive swimming as well 3x a week, while going to the gym 2x a week while practicing pole at least 4-5 x a week (I did say I was competitive…. right?) But since starting to work and working a schedule that was initially 80-100 hours, but now down to 50 hours a week, I have just been doing poling 3-6 x a week, just depending on my schedule for work that week. If I had more time, I would do more cross training. It’s a shame I don’t really.

Q: If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is brand new to pole dancing, what would it be?

A: Try it, because it is an amazing journey and a lot of fun! You meet the best people, you are never judged upon your skills nor size, and you really feel amazing! You just love how you feel after a work out on pole, and it is the best work out! And, because of all the various styles of pole (fitness, lyrical, seductive/sexy, competition) you will find something that works for you.

So what are you waiting for? Are you going to try pole now?

Great words of wisdom, Stef. 😀 Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge with us! We look forward to seeing more of you soon. Here’s a video of one of Stef’s most popular performances where she placed 3rd overall:


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