5 Tips on How to Find a Good Pole Fitness Studio

Looking for a place to take pole dance classes? Here are some tips that can help you find a local studio (beyond your basic Google search):

1. Hear it through the grapevine. If you have any friends who take pole classes regularly or have attended bachelorette/birthday parties at a pole studio, ask them where to go. These might be the best people to get feedback from since they’ve already been to a local studio. They’ve had an experience attending an event or class at the studio 1st hand, so they can give you more genuine feedback of what to expect on customer service, timeliness, pole dance style, studio ambiance, etc. if you decided to attend classes there regularly.

2. YouTube. YouTube. YouTube. On YouTube, you can gauge if the pole studio is enthusiastic and passionate about pole dance. If the studio isn’t passionate or excited, there’s a good chance that after a couple of classes, you might not be either. When I was looking for a pole dance studio in 2010 (back when SEO wasn’t very optimal), I started with a simple google search and three studios came up. With each studio that came up, I immediately did a YouTube search of the studio name to find out if any of the instructors had demos online so that I could see their style of dance. At the time, only one of those studios that I found through the google search online had YouTube demos. I ended taking two classes from that one studio that I found.

3. Sign up for Groupon. Or Living Social, Yelp Deals, Guilt City etc. Look out for deals from your local pole studios. Even though I started taking classes at another pole studio, once I saw the Groupon for my now current studio, Pole Pressure, I went on YouTube to search for a demo and found this one below. If it wasn’t for this video, I may have never tried out Pole Pressure. Pole Pressure was the perfect fit for me  based on the style and technique of pole dancing that I saw in this YouTube video.

4. Sign up to your local pole studio’s email listserv. After you find a few studios through your google search or your groupon deal, go to the pole studio’s main website and sign up for their listserv. Based on the content of the emails, you can get a better idea of what their pole community is like. From there you’ll also be able to see if the studio is a good match! Studios listservs will also advertise showcases and competitions that you can attend if you want to see a pole fitness event before you step into your first class.   Most studios have a web page where you can sign up to their listserv on their main website, but if they don’t, send an email inquiry through the website and they will get back to you.

5. See if your local gym offers pole fitness as a weekly group exercise class. Some gyms offer pole at in their multipurpose or cardio rooms. Search your local gyms online or call to ask to see if they offer pole fitness classes.

Last but not least (as a caveat tip), try out a class!!! I can’t believe I have to say this but just dive in! A lot of studios have a free introductory class or discounted class rate for new pole dancers. Or just purchase that awesome Groupon deal you just saw online. Hope these tips help. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email at curvypoledancer at gmail dot com. Happy Poling! 🙂


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