How to Prepare for Your First Pole Fitness Class

So you’ve finally made the decision. You walked by your local pole studio at least twenty times. It’s time to try out your first class! Now or never, right? So, how do you prepare for your first pole fitness class? Here are some suggestions:

Wear comfortable clothing.  For your very first pole class, you honestly can wear pretty much whatever you want. Sweat pants, yoga pants, running shorts, t-shirts, tank tops….it really doesn’t matter because it’s your first class. In your first class, you will probably be learning basic pole moves like the pole walk, cache spin and fireman spin. With your first class, keep it simple. Sometimes I encourage people to wear leggings because if you are doing a simple spin, leggings will help your leg wrap around the pole smoother.



Don’t put on lotion right before your pole class. Especially on your hands. The pole that you are dancing with is usually made of either chrome or stainless steel. Both  of these metals are very slick. As you are poling, you need some friction on your hands so that you can grip the pole better and so that your hands don’t slip off as you spin or walk around the pole. It’s recommended that you don’t put on lotion for 12 hours before your pole class. If you already have lotion on your hands before you go to class, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before class to make sure that your hands are dry. In some studios, they have Dry Hands which is a solution that can help with gripping the pole.

Leave your heels at home.  Since it’s your first pole class, you should try to get a feel of the class or the instructor’s style of dance before donning heels. Some instructors focus on contemporary pole so they prefer to not wear heels in their class at all and include warm up routines / pole moves that are very difficult to do with heels on. Also, pole dancing with heels usually requires stabilization and balance that beginners might not have yet. Since this is your first class, focus more on learning the movements and spins first. You can always tack on a pair of cute heels in your second class or whenever you feel like you’re ready and you’ve got a hang of it. If you do choose to bring your heels, make sure that your heels have ankle straps so that your shoes don’t fly off your feet while you are doing a spin.

Know that you might have 1 or 2 guys in your class.  A lot of guys are now ignoring gender bias and after watching popular YouTube performances of male pole dancers, like Evgeny Greshilov or Josiah Grant, and want to develop the same amount of strength and power that these men have. Remember, at the end of day, it’s a workout. Whether you’re a guy or girl, we just want to feel good about ourselves. Pole helps us get there.

In terms of how challenging your first class will be, it depends on the studio you are going to and it also depends on your background. If you’ve already done aerial arts / acrobatics/ gymnastics, your first pole class should not be a big deal. For the majority of us newbies, it will be a new adventure! If you have any more questions about your first pole class, feel free to comment below and I’d be more than happy to answer them. Happy Poling!


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