Good Morning! It’s a Beautiful Day to Pole Dance.

I took my very 1st exotic dance class in June 2010 at a studio called Body Talk. I was invited by one of my friends from my bible study. One of our girlfriends was getting married and she wanted to surprise her by taking a class with her. Since our bible study focused on and strictly practiced abstinence, it was really meant to try to help her get ready for her big day. But only one month after my attending my undergraduate graduation ceremony, going to a pole dance class was the last thing on my mind. Nevertheless, I went so that I could support my friend.

We took a chair class and I wore a black wife beater, grey basketball shorts, and black 3 inch heels (the tallest heels I owned at the time.) I was a little nervous and uncomfortable at first, but as the class went on, I realized that it wasn’t as taboo as I thought. After the class, the instructor gave a pole dance demo. She climbed up the pole, went upside down, wrapped her leg around the pole, came right side up, and dropped down to the ground into a split. I was done. It was love at first sight. I knew I had to pole dance.

Four years later, I’m still pole dancing. I’ve visited several pole studios along the East Coast. I’ve competed in 4 local and 2 regional pole fitness competitions.  Did I place in any of them? Nope. But that’s no biggie. Pole dance, like any art form, is always a work in progress.  I’ve become stronger, more flexible, and more coordinated. Most importantly, my confidence has sky rocketed!

This blog is for:

  • anyone in the pole community (curvy or not)
  • people who are curious about trying out a pole dance class
  • people who are just beginning to pole dance
  • full-figured women who are learning to pole dance
  • full-figured women who are looking to compete or perform in competitions

I’ll be sharing tips on:

  • Pole Dance Fundamentals
  • How to Pole Dance as someone who is curvy / full-figured
  • How to improve your pole technique
  • Exercises that can help with your pole dance training

I’ll also be sharing with you my personal stories as a pole dancer/ fitness athlete/ performer/ aerialist/ whatever floats your boat. ;D

Thank you for reading my first post! I’d love to hear from you. Leave comments below and let me know what you would like to learn more about or if you have any questions. Of course, if I see any comments that have profane or indecent language; threats or defamatory statements, hate speech of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, or disability; or promote or endorse services or products, I will delete them. You can also reach me at curvypoledancer at gmail dot com. Happy Poling!


4 thoughts on “Good Morning! It’s a Beautiful Day to Pole Dance.

  1. Great post!! I fell in love with pole after my first class too. (Even though it was barely a week ago lol) I’m starting a pole blog as well just as a way to keep track of my pole journey since my other blog is more business related! I will be following your blog and hope to learn as much as I can since I’m still such a newbie!


    • That’s soooooo awesome!!!! 😀 I can’t wait to see where your pole journey takes you. I post blogs every Tuesday and Friday. Keep me posted on what classes you take and let me know if you ever have any questions about pole.


  2. Hi there. This is such a cool blog. I’ve always been very curious about pole dancing even though I’m a guy. I heard that in some countries men are able to pole dance incredibly well. I will definitely be following this blog.


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